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How to dry and preserve autumn leaves, with insider tips to saving the brightest foliage possible. These decorating ideas will please everyone.

Winter is coming, but you can still have home-grown herbs.

Trade those tired summer bloomers for fresh touches of autumn.  Put designer fashion into your garden containers, at entrances, and on patios. 

Composting can be your best friend if you stick to these methods.

How to feed the yard and prevent bugs.  Weed killing as the weather cools. SolvingPinyon Pine Scale and bark beetle issues. Winter garden flowers.

How to grow better kales and cabbages.  The insider’s look at fall flowers and how to maximize color through next spring.  

Symptoms of sick plants lacking nutrients, food, and water. What the experts say about plant health and keeping gardens blooming, green, and productive. The inside scoop to what ails your yard.

For best iris blooms, dividing is a must.  Easy steps to separation.  Best soil amendments for best gardens.  How to plant iris rhizomes and roots. 

Remedies to reduce bee sting pain. “Reading” bees to prevent stings. Pull out the stinger when stung. Easing pain of a bee’s sting.

End of season sale sparks savings at garden center.  As the nursery transitions to autumn and evergreen plants, sale prices are used to move out remaining spring and summer plants.  ‘Monster Monsoon Sale’ starts this weekend!

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