Juvenile Apparently Escapes Custody and is Apprehended

04 September 2017
  Sgt. Jason Kaufman

The female juvenile was stopped by a taser.

On Thursday, August 31st, 2017 at approximately 12:43 P.M., the Prescott Valley Police Department assisted in apprehending a sixteen-year old female juvenile who reportedly had escaped from custody. 

The juvenile was in the custody of the Arizona Department of Child Services (DCS) who were transporting her to Maricopa County for residency relocation. While stopped at Woody’s Chevron on SR 69, the juvenile fled on foot. 

Information received by responding officers led them to believe that the individual had escaped from the custody of law enforcement; specifically, the Department of Public Safety (DPS) which constitutes a felony offense.

Responding officers located the perceived fugitive in the area of Windsong Drive at Florentine Drive. 

After locating the juvenile, a Prescott Valley Police Officer ordered the juvenile to stop.  The juvenile disobeyed the police officers lawful direction to stop and continued running toward the busy intersection of Windsong Drive and Florentine; posing a threat to her safety and that of arriving law enforcement. In an effort to prevent the potential of further harm, a Taser was deployed by a Prescott Valley Police Officer, and the juvenile was apprehended. 

The juvenile sustained minor injuries during the course of her arrest and was treated then released by medical personnel.  No police officers were injured during the course of the incident.

Subsequent investigation revealed that the juvenile was a ward of the State of Arizona and did not escape from law enforcement custody. The juvenile simply ran from the custody of the Arizona Department of Child Services who were in the process of transporting her from Yavapai County to Maricopa County, as a ward of the state. 

The juvenile was arrested and booked into Yavapai County Juvenile Detention Facility in Prescott, Arizona for incorrigible juvenile, run away juvenile, obstruction of a public thoroughfare, public nuisance and resisting arrest.



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