Great Gifts for the Techie in Your Life

20 December 2016

So, you’re Christmas shopping right now, and have no idea what to get your favorite techie. Here are some ideas sure to come in handy!

Often, when we go shopping for gifts, we look for the gifts that will provide an instant, “Wow!” But, researchers have found that gift recipients are more interested in a gift that provides lasting pleasure. "What we found was that the giver wants to 'wow' the recipient and give a gift that can be enjoyed immediately, in the moment, while the recipient is more interested in a gift that provides value over time," explained Julian Galak from the Carnegie Mellon University Tepper School of Business in a EurekAlert article.

Techies are  the perfect recipient of useful gifts. Yes, you can easily blow the entire Christmas budget on one gift such as a brand-new, souped up computer, but there are plenty of less expensive options out there, too. (Be careful if you are considering buying someone a computer, they might have very specific needs/wants that you don’t know about.)

Tetris Stackable LED Desk Lamp

Who doesn’t need a desk lamp? And this  Tetris Stackable  desk lamp can be set up in a myriad of different ways, which is great for those techies with a tendency to fidget. Seriously, how cool is this? As a gift, this can scratch the itch of gamers, math whizzes, and gadget lovers all at once.  You’ll probably need to order this gift online, and the price seems to range from $25-$40. Be sure to check out shipping times, it may take a few days.  Proof that it will be a hit? The person who posted the video below wrote, “…Best present ever, little sister!” 


Stocking Stuffers

Flash drives come in all shapes and sizes. They’re small, but they’re one of the handiest gadgets you’ll ever give anyone. Some drives allow downloads from phones as well as computers.  If you know anyone that uses earbuds (aka: headphones), you know someone that’s had to buy replacements. Probably several pairs over time. They can use another pair. If not now, soon.  Where to find flash drives and ear buds? Everywhere. Even grocery stores might have them.   Cost? You might even be able to get some for as low as $1 or less, but ordering online will also mean shipping charges. 

Cables and Chargers

Options: Charging Cables USB Hubs External Battery Packs External Battery Cases So much of our tech lives requires charging and cables. Unfortunately, the cables that come with your phones and tablets seem to wear out way too fast. And even with great cables, your device may need extra charging at the most awkward times. Be warned, though, getting the cheapest cable you can find will almost certainly lead to disappointment and even frustration. One brand that gets consistently high reviews and is very sturdy is Anker. Many of their products come with an  18 month guarantee , almost unheard of in the world of cords and connectors.  Anker also offers a wide variety of other products, including external battery chargers, USB hubs and even laptop batteries.  If you’re getting the cable for someone else and their device, make sure you know what they have and need. Apple products typically require a Lightning to USB cable, while many Android and other smart phones require Micro-USB cables.  Just about all brands use the same sort of USB wall and external chargers, so you’re probably safe with that.  You can find some phone cases that come with built-in chargers. You’ll definitely need to know what kind of phone your gift recipient has, including brand, model and color. Some of the model names can be tricky, so make sure you have the exact information. For example, there is an iPhone 7 and a 7plus. Each would take a specific size in cases. Knowing the color allows you to match cases and cables to the device. Just to be safe, be sure to save your receipts!  Costs for these items can be as low as $6 and go up to over $100, depending on what you decide to buy. Do your shopping carefully, and compare prices! Local stores like Walmart and Best Buy will carry these items, or they can be easily found online.  Information You’ll Want to Know Before Buying: Brand Model Color  

Hard Drive Storage

So, your techie already has everything needed for their phone and tablets. But, they may find more storage for data on their computers a Very Good Thing. External hard drives come in a wide variety of prices and capacities. There are also choices to make regarding connectivity, types of external enclosures and much more. Buying cheap when it comes to hard drives is a big mistake that can cause the loss of favorite images, important documents and irreplaceable files.  Information You’ll Want to Know Before Buying: Brand of Computer Type of Computer (laptop, desktop, etc.) Age of Computer Operating System and Version If you’re not sure what to get, it’s worth it to get advice from an expert. 

New Computer

Buying a personal computer is just that… Personal! Unless you know exactly what the other person needs or wants, you’re in a danger zone. This is not a purchase for the faint of heart to make. Again, expert advice is worth gold, and you might want to consider a gift certificate to a tech store so they can purchase their own.

Computer Expertise

Suppose the person you have in mind has a lot of techie devices, and little techie knowledge. This person has lots of questions, gets frustrated when they can’t solve problems and things aren’t working as expected. They’ve worn out their friends and family members seeking advice.  SofTech Computers  has a Maintenance Plan solution that would make a great gift. For one low annual fee, SofTech covers any and all in-store repairs, consultations and computer setups. They work on both Macs and PCs and offer the best in personalized service.  Call them up at 928.443.8770 for more information. 


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