YEI Gives Back to the Community

Through its Ruger Airpark Industries Program, Yavapai Exceptional Industries Gives Back 

FEMAD: A great example of a for-profit company working alongside a non-profit company. 

YEI Van Drivers Are the Best!

Highlighting The Stellar Van Drivers At YEI!

YEI! Trash Patrol and Fain Signature Group: Forming The Perfect Relationship To Keep Prescott Valley Beautiful

Ron Aguilera Personifies the “People First” Initiative of Working with Disabled Adults

What would you do if trash was blown on to your property? Would you clean it up yourself? Point your finger and blame someone else? Or, recycle the situation by turning the trash into jobs for disabled adults, the homeless and U.S. Military Veterans? The latter is exactly what the Fain Signature Group is doing.

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