The Second Groom ‘Til Noon Work Party Was a Success

01 June 2016
  Yvonne Kimball

A small, but energetic group of students, staff and community members appeared for our second Groom ‘Til Noon work party at Humboldt Elementary School on Saturday, May 14th.

We planted flowers in the pollinator garden, harvested peas, broccoli, spinach and cilantro, attended to the bird feeding stations, and had a Scavenger Hunt. Bart Brush planted more trees on the playground and a variety of native plants on Panda Hill.

The H and the Panda on Panda Hill were given new coats of paint thanks to Student Council members who weeded around the stones and Jose Cordero who sprayed the paint with the help of his wife Carla Morales. Members of Life Point and The Heights churches weeded and trimmed upper campus as part of the Ecumenical Day of Service.

Participants received Chipotle gift cards and students received Chipotle Grow Books and Kits and plants from the garden. The weather was lovely and the garden, native habitats and nature trails are flourishing. Come visit!