The History of Jazz in Performance at the Prescott Valley Public Library

15 September 2017   James F Black III

Educational Discussion Regarding Jazz in American Culture and The World at the Prescott Valley Public Library

PRESCOTT VALLEY – Join us at the Prescott Valley Public Library in October as we host an educational discussion and performance emphasizing the unique place that jazz holds in the American culture and in the world. Learn about the evolution of the different jazz styles from Dixieland to fusion and start to recognize the different elements of each style.

These styles will be performed and exemplified by talented musicians, Stan Gibb, David Margheim, Clyde Score, and Denny Garr.

We hope to see you at the library’s “The History of Jazz in Performance” program!


DATE: Wednesday, October 4

TIME: 6:30-8:00pm

LOCATION: 1st Floor Auditorium, Prescott Valley Public Library, 7401 E. Civic Circle

PRICE: This family-friendly performance is free, and no registration is required. Call 928-759-3040 if you have any questions.