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Bradshaw Mountain Seniors Go Forward

27 May 2013

 Dressed in red and black graduation gowns, students received their diplomas and look forward to the future. 

Three hundred and fifty seniors graduated from Bradshaw Mountain High School on Thursday night, Humboldt Unified School District Superintendent Paul Stanton said with obvious pride in their accomplishments.

So, how does he feel at his third graduation ceremony for the district? "It's wonderful enjoyment, it's admiration, it's passion, excitement, a little bit of nervousness and a lot of faith," he said with a wide smile.

After pointing out the more than three million dollars in scholarship money that the students were awarded, Stanton said, ''...and if you saw the people that are going to join the military, we're proud of them, too. We're very, very proud of these kids, it's amazing."

When asked if he had any special advice for the graduates, Stanton said simply, "Remember where you come from, go forward without fear."

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