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Auto Corner

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The LX570 cocoons its inhabitants in quiet serenity.

Though both raw ambition and determination are required in order to outwit European rivals, the Lexus brand continues to stake its claim within the compact luxury segment with the venerable IS.

Subaru's entry to the hybrid dance.

Ford’s Pocket Rocket Won’t Rock Your Pockets…But It Will Spike Your Pulse

Just how do you describe your new $2.25 million car to your friends?

Auto Corner: The Lexus LS-F Rocket

4.6 seconds. No typos, no lies. The high performance Lexus IS-F rockets to 60 miles per hour in a Ferrari-like 4.6 seconds.

Changing the Lineup: Acura RLX-15

Acura's Flagship Luxury Sedan Challenges Competitors

Falling in love with a stunning, beautiful Italian.

New Diesel Engine Earns 28 mpg on Full-Size Truck

Sporty, flashy and fun to drive perfectly describes the 2014 Scion tC.

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