Stop wasting money on plants that animals find tasty. Easy to grow rabbit- and deer-proof flowers.

Tree Type Helps Determine Best Time for Planting. How to plant shade trees and evergreens. Watters' Spring Open House, March 16 -18, with tree planting demonstrations all weekend.

It’s the best opportunity you’ll ever have to see raptors up close and very personal.

5 Waterwise Flowers

Your yard doesn't have to look like the Sahara Desert  in order to have a low-maintenance and water- wise landscape. You can have a summer garden that is full of beautiful, colorfully flowering plants and still enjoy the benefits of xeric landscaping. These five plants will bloom year after year requiring little maintenance.

Plants that rarely need water. Easy to care for Yavapai friendly plants.

Evergreens need to be very hardy to survive in Arizona’s mountain areas.

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