Ken & Lisa Lain - Watters Garden Center

Ken & Lisa Lain - Watters Garden Center (299)

Just a quickie message from our friends at Watters Garden Center.

Top 7 veggies that outproduce all others.  How to grow the most popular edible plants.  Tips for the novice and how to increase the harvest this spring.

Growing rosemary indoors, Garden Herbs for beauty, fragrance, hardiness and the Kitchen,  Animal proof herbs, Rosemary skewers on the BBQ, Easy to grow herbs

A few new friends came to Watters Garden Center on Saturday. 

This week there has been a trending question at the garden center; so when Christy from Chino Valley asked, “Can I use Vinegar as an Organic Weed control?” I thought the topic worth reviewing.

Don't be Surprised if a Visit to Watters Garden Center this Saturday Includes Seeing Flowers and Birds!

More food harvested from less space with succession planting. Best plants for succession planting.

Spring planting of conifers. How to know when to begin the spring planting season and 9 essential tasks for a healthy spring garden.

How to fertilize, trim, and clean a rosebush for best spring blooms. 

Overgrown fruit trees revitalized through pruning.  Proper pruning, food, and spray. 

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