Menus, Sales & Recipes: So What to do After Thanksgiving?

30 November 2019

Using your Thanksgiving ‘derivatives’.

Derivatives??? What’s that?


The day has passed, and if you are like most people, you now have more or less of the uneaten food you cooked or were blessed with by your guests. If you have a lot, your freezer is your best friend. If you freeze a substantial amount of the bounty, you can put off some decisions for a while. Don’t forget though, most cooked food should be cooled back down below 40º after an hour or two at room temperature. Breads and some desserts can also be frozen quite successfully. Just remember that they may not be at their best if you leave them frozen for too long.

Of course one thing you can do is try to fob off a lot of food on your departing guests. Another time honored strategy is the post Thanksgiving turkey soup. Your first step if you have a turkey carcass is to pick off all the remaining meat, freeze some and get the rest into the refrigerator, get out a large pot and start the bones to simmering. Then figure out what can be done with the other remains. Many cooked and uncooked vegetables can go into the soup, creamed corn, green beans and sweet potatoes are ideal. So are raw vegetables like carrot and celery sticks. 

You can get creative with sandwiches - use some of that cranberry relish with the turkey and stuffing on a hearty bread, croissants or even dinner rolls. Anything you can do with chicken, you can probably do with turkey. It’s also great to add to lasagne, tetrazzini and enchiladas. 

If you had a ham as a major dish and you have some remaining, you are in luck. The uses for cooked ham are amazing. Starting with ham sandwiches (toasted cheese and ham—wow and going on through scalloped potatoes and ham to quiche or frittata, and ending with bean soup made from your ham bone.

Beef can be a little different. Many of the uses of turkey and ham also apply to beef. But its best use may be open faced beef sandwiches warm and doused in gravy, or cold and served with cranberry sauce or fruit compote.

Sales this Week

There are a couple of new sale items but for the most part, we’ll have to wait till next Wednesday. They say in the grocery business that the least sales in the year are the day or two after Thanksgiving and after Christmas.

Fry’s has Pork Shoulder Roast on sale for $.99/lb (tamales anyone?) and Large Avocados for $.77/each. Fry’s also has two special Digital coupons, one for gift cards that will get you 4x fuel points from 11/17-12/20, and one for “outdoor floral”, trees etc. That one will give you 20% off, but only from 11/29-12/1

At Safeway—There is a special digital coupon for bananas, $.19/lb 11/29-12/3, limit 5 lb. There is also a digital coupon that will get you 10x Reward Points on Gift Cards. B/S chicken breasts are $1.47 at the Full Service Butcher Block. You can get 50% off some Christmas items like some wrapping papers, cards and lights.

National Days and Weeks

The first week of December is National Cookie Cutter Week

December 7 is International Pear Day (and if you buy some now they may be ripe by then)

November 30—Small Business Saturday
December 1—Pie Day
December 2—Fritter Day
December 4—Cookie Day

Here are some recipes and videos you may find useful this week.

Loaded Baked Potato Casserole

Use turkey or chicken.

Five things to do with leftover Turkey

How To Make a Casserole (Turkey +)

More than a recipe—A Method

A great side dish—and way to use up leftover stuff.

Dirty Rice—Cooked rice (I prefer brown) with cooked stuff added, such as:

Sautéd mushrooms
Green Peas
Sautéd celery
Sun dried tomatoes
Small bits of broccoli or cauliflower
Bell Pepper

Diced ham, beef, turkey

Make 4 Dishes out of Leftover Ham

Beef Stroganoff (Goulash)

The title says stroganoff but she calls it goulash.

Make Quick Chili with Leftover Beef



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