Single Family Home Prices in Yavapai County Increase

15 June 2014
  Pam Pearsall, Yavapai County Assessor

Single Family Home Prices in Yavapai County still showing increases year over year

Prescott, AZ – Yavapai County Assessor Pam Pearsall is reporting that Single Family Residential home prices for April 2014 have risen +4.7% year over year. The median sale price of a single family home for April 2014 is $225,000 compared with $214,900 from April 2013. While home sales are still showing increases in early 2014, they have moderated somewhat from the double digit percent gains of calendar year 2013.

The average square footage of homes sold in April 2014 1,873 compared with 1,906 for April 2013. The median sales price of homes in Yavapai County for all of calendar year 2014 now stands at $217,000, up +0.9% over the $215,000 from calendar year 2013.

The highest price paid for a home in April 2014 was $1,499,000 for a 4,179 square foot home. The lowest price paid for a home was $70,000 for a 1,461 square foot home. Sales information is based on data received from the Assessor’s Office Affidavits of Property Value (ARS 11-133, Form 82162).