Spring Selling Tips That Could Save Your Life & Money

21 March 2015
  Lee Amble, Realtor/Consultaant

Today's column brings tips for sales and safety.

Easy Low Cost Spring Selling Tips: 

• Get a pre- sale home inspection and fix all little items that could create a closing problem and cost you a sale. Cost normally would be around $300.00+, and it’s well worth it.

• Offer a free one year home warranty. Basic warranties usually cost from about $270.00, which is again worth it. It gives buyers assurance.

• Paint any or all interior rooms that need paint. Use light colored paint that matches carpets. Bright homes sell faster. You can do this yourself or hire a professional.

• Clean up your yard of all junk and extraneous items. If possible, ask neighbors to clear up their yards, if needed.

• Declutter all rooms including all closets, garage and storage sheds. Remove all personal pictures, religious items and anything that could create controversy, such as political preferences.

• Freshen up the entry area and make sure your home has a good, large feel. If you have extra vehicles, drive them down the block and leave the driveway and street area close by vacant of cars and trucks.

• Before showing, let as much light in each room as possible and turn needed lights on. Do not open shades that look direct in to a nearby home.

These suggestions are economical, but things you can do to really help you get top dollar with a small output of money.

One last thing, cracked windows, windows with broken seals, screen doors or window screens that need repair must all be fixed. If you have more` questions, feel free to call or email me.

Be Aware Of “Come On Advertising”!

I usually call this phony baloney advertising, don’t fall for any of it until you read and understand all conditions including the fine print. When you think you understand it all, at least interview a couple of other seasoned real estate agents so you have a comparison.

I would say that any come on ads that sound too good to be true, usually are.Always make sure you have a written clause like “you have an immediate right of cancellation without any obligation”. If they don't agree to that, there's probably a reason.

In our Prescott, Az. market, two ads that stand out are:

• "We will buy back your home in 59 days." Warning, check all the fine print!

• The other one to be cautious of is a home inspection service with a 90 day buy back guarantee if they miss anything during an inspection. Part of the ad focusing on the guaranty is so small I couldn’t read it all because of the small size. I did use a magnifying glass; and to me it seems skeptical. You can also take a photo with your smart phone of the fine print and zoom in to read it.

Safety First For Realtors And Sellers

This pertains to all open houses and showings. With what has happened in the Phoenix area and other areas nationwide, in today’s world, we must use all cautions. Here are practical ideas that could save your life.

• Buy a referee’s whistle and wear it on your neck at all times. This whistle may be loud enough to scare away anyone.

• Look for a phone app that may do the same, but use both.

• Get rid of all pretty personal pictures on real estate signs as this only invites potential problems. Do this as soon as possible. Take your picture off your ads as we really sell houses not pretty faces.

• Female realtors should have a friend with them.

• Always have buyers enter all rooms first; real estate agents or for sale by owners enter last and have a route out.

• During open houses have all doors unlocked for an easy escape; that includes the garage.

• Take training for defending yourself.

• Always have pepper spray or anything similar. A taser would be good if your broker permits it. Check all local regulations.

• On For Sale By Owner calls, do not show your home right away on a call. Tell the buyer you need at least 15 minutes, which will give you time to make sure all doors are unlocked for escape. Call a neighbor to be with you during the showing or at least be on watch while you have someone looking at your home. You should also have a referee whistle around your neck at all times and pepper spray in your pocket.

Thanks for reading this article. It’s written to help everyone and give you much to think about. Please, if you have real estate questions, call me at 928 5333-4455. The call is free and so is my email. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Remember, "Experience Isn’t Expensive, It’s Priceless!"

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