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Phoenix Housing Market Ready to End a Relatively Flat Year

An Old Realtor Gives Thanks

Every once in a while, it's time to stop and give thanks. Today is one of those days.

The last article I wrote was on winter selling tips, which mainly said, don’t sell! I feel like to be fair, I should also give tips for the buyers. This comes from nearly 40 years of real estate selling and is written for the Prescott, Arizona buyers, however, nearly everyone anywhere can gain value from this history also. Adjust the tips and use in your market slow selling times also.

Nearly all areas have winter, spring, fall and summer markets depending on the area you are located. To put it in simple words, buy where others do not, but sell when the buyers are buying.

The savings we are talking about could be as much as 3 to 5% over the peak selling time. This is real money and with many prices being $250,000 to $300,000 in many parts of the country, it could easily be up to $15,000 + possible savings I will discuss.

Let’s take a look at some saving ideas as there are many more:

  • Best months to buy in Prescott, Az. are: December, January, February with the best runner ups beings December and March. (These two months really depend on the weather). Be sure to adjust these months to your market area and weather. Sellers wanting or needing to sell before the spring/summer market will have a long time until then. It’s as good idea to have a really good contract if needed to wait that long. When a home stays listed all winter when the buying market is slow and finally starts to move in the spring, it will show a long number of days as being available with no accepted contracts, many potential buyers will wonder why. It is known as a stale listing and may never command a good price.
  • Best weather to buy a home: Snow, wind, ice, rain or any other adverse weather (in other words, the worst possible weather) and to the seller, it looks unbelievable to get an offer at that time. Let’s just say, bad weather, better deal!

If you as a buyer, look at and make up your mind on two homes when the weather is good, but make an offer on a bad weather day, always have two to select from in case one has sold, you could be a winner!

Lenders: When possible, if you are getting a loan, their business may also be down so ask for concessions i.e., interest rate reduction, closing costs, etc. They may or may not give you any, but it did not cost you anything to try. Talk to two local lenders as you may have more control locally with also more personal attention which really helps with the underwriters and more! You may stand a better chance of getting a possible savings.

Realtors: Their business may also be slower and they may be able to give a concession on fees to the seller who could pass their savings on to you, the buyer. Also you may be able to talk your buyers’ agent into a paid home warranty or something of value. Again, it costs nothing to ask and who knows what may happen?

Title Companies: If you are a senior, do not forget to ask for a senior discount. Also, if you have done a transaction in the past with them, try to use that Title Company again and ask for a past client discount. You may get both discounts if any are available or not, but like all other possible savings, there’s no cost to ask.

Rent/or rent back: This is really good for both buyers and sellers to use if it’s a benefit for both. If the seller wants to sell but would benefit to a rent back for a few months, the buyer may get a real deal if they would do a fast closing and utilize the rent back ideas. Make sure you use a legal rent-back contract. Second, the buyer may have a contract on the home, but needs a delayed closing, this may also be of a benefit for both as a seller you will want a large non- refundable earnest money. The buyer, if they are serious, will be willing to provide the large non-refundable earnest money. There are many different workable ideas just on the rent back idea----to many to list.

There are only a few of the offseason money saving ideas for a home buyer that can save you normally a lot of money no matter where you live in the country. Just remember, find out your off season time and make use of it.

Happy savings and happy buying!

THOUGHTS FOR THE DAY! 1. People become successful the minute they decide to. 2. The past is over, forget it! 3. The future holds happiness!! Reach for it!!

Thank you for reading this “Food for Thought" article. Do hope it will give you some things to think about. If you have any further questions or ideas for articles you would like to read about in the future, please call or email me. Please pass this article on to friends, etc. or post it. Thank you.

Remember, my favorite sayings: "Experience isn't expensive, it's priceless," and, "Selling a home is easy, doing it right is key."



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