It's National Sausage Pizza Day - Celebrate!

11 October 2012

Today is National Sausage Pizza Day, and we're bringing you all the pizza info you'll ever need.

Yes, yes, I know. Cindy already published the food column yesterday. And a wonderful food column it was - with lots of great ideas for hot dogs and salmon. Both are items you can find On Sale This Week. (I really liked the videos for the Salmon Cupcakes.)

But, today is such an important day. It's a momentous day, in fact. In light of the significance of this day, we're gonna have to talk food once again. Because today is - are you ready? Today is National Sausage Pizza Day.

It turns out that not only is today National Sausage Pizza Day, October is National Pizza Month. Why didn't someone tell me sooner? I could have had pizza every day this month, totally justified. I love pizza. (When I was having my first child, my Lamaze instructor told me that pizza was one of the best foods around, a wonderful compilation of the four food groups. Bless her soul, even to this day.)

Now, of course, you can easily just call up your favorite pizza place and order some of that delicious Italian pie. And in the spirit of National Pizza Month, I've provided some phone numbers for some of the local pizza places here at the end of the article. But, you can also make your own sausage pizza, and I've found a couple of amazing recipes for you.


If you're going to tackle making your own, here are some tips'n'tricks.

  • Make your pizza dough in your bread machine. Just dump in the ingredients, and walk away. When it's done, you can roll it out like normal.
  • You can also buy frozen bread dough, refrigerated pizza dough, or make mini pizzas with English muffins.
  • On a diet? Use nice big portabella mushrooms instead of crust.
  • Want deep dish? Use a springform pan, or, my favorite, a cast iron skillet.
  • Don't like hard, crunchy crusts? Brush the crust with garlic butter before baking, and then brush it again as soon as it gets out of the oven.

National Sausage Pizza Day

This recipe is a little unexpected, but who cares? It looks amazing.

Here's the recipe he starts from (he adapts it a little in the video): Breakfast Pizza I

But, he also gives a link to a second recipe, and this looks good, too. Breakfast Pizza II.

Sausage and Egg Pizza

This is by one of my favorite video chefs:

Other Recipes that Look Interesting

Pizza with Italian Sweet Sausage and Garlic Spinach

Deep-Dish Sausage Pizza (Ok, this looks more like a bowl of pizza, let's be honest. On the other hand, it's pizza! Yum!!!)

Mini Sausage Pizza (This looks like it would be good for the kiddos to make.)

Sausage Pizza Recipe

Store Bought Frozen Pizza

Ok, so one time my family did a self-rising crust pizza taste test, comparing all the store brand frozen pizzas and the other well-known brands. I think we cooked about 12 pizzas. We ate so much pizza that my kids were saying, "Mom! No more pizza!" (I ddin't agree, I must admit, but I'm an addict.) When all was said and done, it was our determination that Safeway had the best generic frozen pizza. Your mileage may vary, of course.

Local Pizza Shops

As far as I know, these numbers are all working.

Bill's Pizza 443-0800 (Named one of the top 100 Pizzarias in the US)

Domino's 778-3060 (Prescott); 759-2333 PV; 636-6000

Giovanni's Pizza and Pasta 772-1461

Guido's Pizza 632-5950 (It's in Dewey, but it's worth the drive)

Little Caesar's Pizza 541-9925 (Prescott); 772-7372 Prescott Valley

Nick-N-Willy's 541-1144

Two Mamas' Gourmet Pizza 443-9455 (formerly Mama Eddas)

Pangaea Bakery 778-2953

Papa's Italian Restaurant 776-4880

Papa John's Pizza 776-0600 (Prescott); 775-8787 (Prescott Valley)

Papa Murphy's Take'N'Bake 708-9100

Pizza Hut 778-5139 (Prescott); 775-0908 (Prescott Valley); 636-6400 (Chino Valley)

Streets of New York 778-3340 (Prescott); 759-9877 (Prescott Valley)

Tastebuds Pizza 778-3340

Did we miss your favorite pizza place? So sorry, could you please add the info in the comments below?

In the meantime, do enjoy National Sausage Pizza Day.



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