Harold Wise Submits Signatures for BOS District 5

18 May 2016   Harold Wise
Harold Wise Running for Board of Supervisors

Republican Harold Wise, A 31 Year resident of Yavapai County was the first to submit the necessary signatures to run for The Board Of Supervisors in District 5. The district encompasses most of Prescott Valley, Walker, Groom Creek, Yavapai Hills, The Ranch and Castle Canyon.

Wise has over 3 decades working for the citizens of Prescott and Prescott Valley. A long time business owner and Public Servant, Wise served on the Prescott Council for 4 years and worked hard to save the Willow and Watson Lakes and make them a beautiful Riparian Area. Mr Wise also served 6 years on the Prescott Valley Council, Wise was instrumental in the development of the War Memorial in Prescott Valley and has a tree planted there in his fathers memory. Wise has served on numerous boards and commissions, working with all the various agencies in the area.

Wise has a demonstrated history of working with budgets in both the private and public sector, managing Multi Million dollar budgets, Facilitating meetings and making the hard decisions that affect families and business owners in Yavapai County. Wise also has an extensive history of community involvement.

Mr Wise believes the voters deserve more representation that addresses the concerns closest to them. Mr Wise is running for the board because currently there is no one working for the people who cares about the problems of Yavapai County citizens concerning the ECONOMY, Yavapai County needs to do more to attract Businesses. WATER, We live in the high desert and must always be mindful of our precious resources. TAXES, NO new taxes! And better management of the tax money Yavapai County gets.

Wise wants to bring his excellent reputation and experience to the Board Of Supervisors. Wise said “ I believe an elected position is an honor bestowed by the people and should never be looked upon as an opportunity to "feather your own nest" as far too many politicians do! I have the experience and the excellent reputation that only three decades can build. I want to be your County supervisor so the citizens can have a voice again”

For more information on District 5 or Harold Wise and his experience please visit http://haroldwise.wix.com/elect-harold-wisebos or email him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. You can also find him on FaceBook at https://www.facebook.com/ElectHaroldWiseYavapaiBOSDistrict5/