Power Outages and Downed Power Lines in Prescott Valley

04 April 2017
  Sgt. Jason Kaufman

The power outages and road closures are likely to remain all night long.

Due to a severe weather system in Prescott Valley on Monday, April 3, 2017 which started at approximately 6:00 P.M., The Arizona Public Service (APS) has reported several downed power lines in Prescott Valley. The downed power lines have resulted in the following road closures:

1. Robert Road from Spouse Drive to Lakeshore Drive should be avoided due to no power at the intersections along Robert Road.

2. Spouse Drive from Tonto Road to Miner Drive has been completely blocked off with no vehicular traffic being let through, due to Arizona Public Service crews working on repairing several downed power lines.

Arizona Public Service estimates that these power outages & road closures will remain in effect all night long, until tomorrow morning sometime.

Please try to avoid these areas, if possible.

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