New Horizons Opens Disability Resource Center

08 April 2017
New Horizons Executive Director Dave Siegler cuts the ribbon officially opening the Disability Resource Center in Prescott Valley on Thursday April 6th, 2017. Photo by: Torrence Dunham
New Horizons Disability Resource Center Opens After Thirteen Months of Hard Work

PRESCOTT VALLEY- Thursday afternoon, April 6th, 2017, was a day of celebration and looking back as the New Horizons’ Disability Resource Center opened to the public after months of hard work.

New Horizons Executive Director Dave Seigler mentioned the organization was facing budget issues two years ago after a few funding sources dried up. When a anonymous donor decided to give a building to the organization, Siegler said others may have used the facility to sell and pick up some much-needed money. However, New Horizons decided to accept the building and create something for the community.

“Quite honestly, I would have never accepted it. It cost too much money, we were too strapped, but they did,” said Seigler who is about to celebrate his second year with the organization. “They wanted to use it to transform…we wanted to become more than we were, we wanted to become what our community needed.”

Facing a hefty cost-about $165,000-in order to reformat the building to match their dream and the needs of the disabled community, New Horizons went to a local bank and received a loan; even though the organization didn’t have any cash flow.

“We had a good plan, and we had some good people,” Seigler said. “Eventually, a local bank looked at our plan more than they looked at our finances and they went ahead gave us a loan to get the building done.”

Over the next thirteen months, volunteers worked about 1,500 hours to create a community area of exercise and research for the disabled community of northern Arizona. While there are still phases to complete, including a hope of handicapped athletic courts for basketball and soccer, the cutting of the bow on Thursday proved an important milestone reached by New Horizons.

“We’ve taken a lot of time and a lot of money to rebuild this place,” said New Horizons Board President Nick Perry. “It’s just been fantastic watching it grow and build and getting everything done that we wanted to get done in here and start all the stuff we’re going to do in the future.”

Currently, the facility features an adaptive computer lab, a sports and fitness area with machines dedicated to aiding those with disabilities not found at normal fitness centers, along with information about it’s various services such as transportation

“What they have when they come here is a place that is theirs,” Seigler said. “They don’t have to ask us to convert a restroom to be compliant, they already are. They don’t have to ask us to build a ramp to get into the sports and fitness center, it’s already there, and the sports and fitness center is made with equipment that they need.”

Perry urges individuals to reach out and learn more about the services offered. While other things such as transportation have flexible hours, the New Horizons Disability Resource Center is open Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm. The facility is located on 9400 E. Valley Road in Prescott Valley and is a fragrance free building. 

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