Diana Green Tabbed as New Principal for Humboldt Elementary

11 May 2017
Diana Green was picked to be the new principal of Humboldt Elementary School during the Humboldt Unified School District Board meeting on Tuesday May 9th, 2017 in Prescott Valley, Arizona. Photo by: Torrence Dunham
Diana Green Coming Out of Retirement to Become Principal of Humboldt Elementary School

DEWEY- Diana Green has been involved with school districts for over thirty years and has spent the last seven years in the area working for local school districts. She spent a couple of years as principal of Granville Elementary and later served as different positions in the Humboldt and Prescott school districts. Upon being retired for about a year, Green realized she wanted something more.

“It was just kind of funny that I was sitting at home thinking retirement is not all that it’s cracked up to be, not for me,” Green said. “I actually said that probably a couple of weeks ago…I don’t know if I want to be retired all the time and I might look for some part-time work.”

Less than a week later, an opportunity would come for Green as she received a call asking if she was interested in the open principal position at Humboldt Elementary School.

“I was torn because a part of me was going ‘yes, yes, I really want to go back,’ but I promised several people that I was going to be retired and stay retired and enjoy the retired life,” Green said.

After talking with her husband, he knew she wanted to return and supported the decision to apply.

Following interviews, Green was officially chosen by the Humboldt Unified School District board to become the new principal of Humboldt Elementary at the board meeting on Tuesday night.

“Mrs. Green is an experienced administrator, she has a track record of success in this district,” Humboldt Unified School District Superintendent Daniel Streeter said. “Brining her back to the district to run one our of schools, really, it was an easy decision.”

Green will be replacing current principal Lisa Uvila who is moving back to her home state of Washington to become the principal of Monument Elementary School in Quincy, Washington.

“It’s very bittersweet,” Uvila said. “The time at Humboldt…it’s been a blessing and an opportunity and I was humbled by the experience because they’re such a devoted staff, administration, and (have) a commitment to the kids and what’s best for kids.”

During her time at Humboldt Elementary, Uvila built many partnerships to enhance the learning community not only at Humboldt Elementary School but throughout the town.

Recently, the school was chosen to participate in a project with students at the University of Arizona to collect and test rain water for pollutants.

The district is now looking for Green to continue Uvila’s work at the school.

“Mrs. Uvila has done a great job of introducing professional learning communities,” Streeter said. “Mrs. Green has experience in those exact same areas and will be able to step in and pick up right where Mrs. Uvila left off and take them to the next level.”

Green said it was appropriate for her make a return to the district she has spent so many years a part of and is excited to get started.

“I’m very happy to be at Humboldt,” Green said. “I’m very excited to learn the teachers and especially to get to know all the students and their parents.

Upon arrival, Green mentioned she will work with the staff to determine the school’s current level of academic achievement and set a goal to where they want to be, something Green has done throughout her career which includes several different stints as a principal.

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