Prescott Valley Days Provides a Weekend of Entertainment

13 May 2017
The Frontera Norte Band, who is based out of Phoenix, plays at the 39th annual Prescott Valley Days on Friday May 12th, 2017 in Prescott Valley, Arizona. All Photos by: Torrence Dunham

Live Music, Food and Carnival Rides Throughout the Weekend in 39th Annual "Prescott Valley Days"

PRESCOTT VALLEY- Thousands of people were at the Prescott Valley Entertainment District on Friday night to spend time together as a town and celebrate the 39th annual Prescott Valley Days with live music, carnival rides and fresh-cooked Mexican food on Fiesta Del Pueblo night.

“Tonight is huge because it’s the community coming together and having just a wonderfully good time,” Prescott Valley Chamber of Commerce CEO Marnie Uhl said. “We got great music-people are dancing-it’s like what we wanted it to be, a fiesta.”

In preparation since January, the Fiesta Del Pueblo was just one night of a four-day event with Western night taking place on Saturday while the Carnival opened Thursday night and will remain in operation through Sunday afternoon.

“It's like putting all of the pieces of a puzzle together,” Uhl said. “It’s just one big puzzle and it all fits.”

Providing music throughout Friday night for people to dance to was the Frontera Norte Band, who is based out of Phoenix.

“When we started out it was a little slow, people were just kind of looking at us a little weird because we were jumping and stuff,” said Marco Burgos who joined the band five years ago with his brother. “After a little while, I don’t know if it’s maybe the liqueur or something, they started getting into it and they started dancing with us.”

Friday night was the first time playing at Prescott Valley Days, previously playing at the Prescott Valley Event Center and other places in the past, but they hope to come back in the future.

Hopefully we can keep returning and coming back and enjoying your guys’ town,” Burgos said. “Great weather, great everything…thanks to all the people who brought us here and making this event possible for us.”

In between sets, the Matchstick Rush Fire Show made their return to the Prescott Valley Days and performed their first of two shows this weekend with the final act on Saturday at 9pm.

Saturday’s entertainment will start at 9:00am with the Prescott Valley Parade “Good Times in Prescott Valley” shortly followed by a pancake breakfast at 10:30am leading up to the carnival opening at 11:00am. 

As on Friday, food will be offered along with a beer garden but this time, the food will be barbecue to match the tone of the day. The evening music will be provided by Danny Romero and the Arizona Territory. 

Prescott Valley Days comes to an end on Sunday with the carnival opening at noon. 

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