New Health Store Aims to Change The Game of Water

18 October 2017
A glass of water from The Ultra Water Bar Health Store's UltraWater Filter. Photo and Videos by: Torrence Dunham

The Ultra Water Bar Health Store in Prescott Valley Opens Wednesday, October 25th

PRESCOTT VALLEY- When individuals think of water consumption, the thought is either from a plastic bottle, the tap or filtered through a device. The brand-new Ultra Water Bar Health Store in Prescott Valley is looking to shake-up water consumption through education and Hydrogen adding devices.

“Our real focus is for people to learn what’s in water and why what’s in it is important to their body,” Co-Founder and former lab technician Vickie Johnston said. “Just drinking clean, pure, mineral-enriched water can change your health dramatically.”

Using technology from the Reno, Nevada based company AlkaViva, the UltraWater filters claim not only to eliminate 99% of toxins in the water but also to add Hydrogen in order to provide a variety of benefits.

“It reduces inflammation, gives you more energy, and it helps you battle conditions that we are all battling,” Johnston said. “Helps you get rid of some of the toxins in our system that is causing our bodies to work way harder.”

Johnston doesn’t just want to make these claims, but rather, wishes to show interested individuals. Throughout the week, people can RSVP for mini-classes which educate individuals about various health practices. Along with General Manager of the store Cecelia Jernegan, Johnston demonstrates using various experiments the difference between sports drinks and tap water from that of the device offered.

In fact, Johnston is even further putting the store’s water to the test by providing a free 15 gallons of water to try for 30 days.

“Our goal is to get people in here to try this water and see if it makes a difference, see if it helps you,” Johnston said.

In addition, the store doesn’t just offer water filters. When one walks through the door, they will find gentle detoxes, healthy coffee, cellular tea, chlorine-removing bathwater and shower products along with Hydrogen tablets for even more energy.

The Ultra Water Health Bar will have a grand opening Wednesday, October 25th, at 8164 Highway 69 in Prescott Valley. Johnston said there will be food, fun giveaways, samples and major discounts on items in the store.

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