Magnificence on Display

20 November 2017

The horses pranced, danced and entertained all who came. 

Equine events at the Prescott Valley Event Center are not that unusual, but last night it was the beauty and artistry of the horse that was highlighted in the Gala of the Royal Horses event. 

Often events featuring horses actually are about the cowboy or cowgirl. Will he stay on the horse? Can he rope the calf? Can she get 'round the barrels? 

Last night’s Gala of the Royal Horses switched the focus to these noble and graceful animals. Among the featured horses were AndalusiansFriesiansLippizanersArabians and even a Quarter Horse

With training by Riding Master Rene Gasser, these horses appear to perform every feat jubilantly. The horses in the Gala don’t just walk - they dance with every graceful step. High steps and prancing hooves - just their movement was entrancing to look at. Sometimes, the horses even seemed to fly. 

People of all ages were mesmerized with the horses - although not only the ones in the arena. 

At the end of the event, those in the VIP audience were invited to meet and greet the horses and speak with the riders. 

The Gala of the Royal Horses will perform next in New Mexico and then to El Paso, Texas. 

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