Prescott Valley Verified Alarm Ordinance Now in Effect

30 December 2017
  Officer Ferguson


Effective January 1, 2018, the Prescott Valley Police Department is implementing new procedures to improve its alarm response effectiveness.  The plan is called Verified Alarm Response and essentially means that police will not respond to burglar alarms unless they are verified alarms.  A verified alarm means an alarm in which a responder has verified that a crime, attempted crime, or other emergency is occurring or is about to occur at real property protected by an alarm.  Verifications may be by on-site witnesses, or through the use of a remote audio and/or video system.

In reporting such an alarm to the police department, alarm companies must confirm that the alarm is a verified alarm. Otherwise, an alarm company operator that knowingly or intentionally reports an unverified burglar alarm as a verified alarm will be subject to a civil sanction of $500. 

It is the responsibility and duty of all alarm businesses within the Town of Prescott Valley to instruct each of its alarm or alarm system purchasers and subscribers in the proper use and operation of the alarm or alarm system.  Such instruction shall include all necessary instructions in turning the alarm or alarm system on and off and in avoiding false alarms.

Once you’ve had a false alarm, the alarm ordinance requires that all alarm systems be registered with the Prescott Valley False Alarm Reduction Program. Failure to register your alarm system will result in a civil penalty.  

In 2016, Prescott Valley Police Officers responded to 772 burglar alarms, 766 of which were false.  The resources required to respond to 766 false alarms is equivalent to the cost of one police officer for a year.

You may obtain more information by reading Chapter 10, Article 10-05 of the Prescott Valley Town Ordinance on the PVAZ.net website.

A temporary 24-hour phone line has been established where you can leave a message or question concerning this new ordinance. It will be monitored daily during business hours and your call will be returned. The phone number is (928) 772-5650.

For non-emergencies you may also contact the Prescott Valley Police Department at (928) 772-9267, or 911 for emergencies.  

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