Rep Jill Norgaard Hatches Plan to De-Reg the Egg

12 February 2018
  Matthew Specht

It’s a plan to eggs-tend the eggs-piration date for eggs.

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – Representative Jill Norgaard (R-18) has introduced legislation (HB 2464) that will bring Arizona more in line with other states regarding the expiration date of eggs.

Currently, Arizona eggs are required to have an expiration date no more than 24 days after they have been candled. Representative Norgaard will offer an amendment to HB 2464 tomorrow that will lengthen the expiration date to 45 days for A eggs and 30 days for AA eggs, which is comparable to other states.

“I’m not eggs-aggerating when I say that Arizona’s egg producers are the most egg-cellent in the country and don’t need protectionist regulations to compete here,” said Representative Norgaard. “It’s no yolk that de-regging the egg would be a win for consumers, so I hope my colleagues aren’t too chicken to show this rotten regulation the eggs-it.”

The House Commerce Committee will consider HB 2464 tomorrow at 2:00 p.m.

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