Two Women Attacked by Pit Bulls Rescued by Armed Neighbors

21 May 2019

Armed Neighbors come to the aid of 2 Women being attacked by dogs  

On May 19, 2019, around 9:45AM, deputies were dispatched to the 15000 block of S Black Mountain Road, Cordes Lakes, regarding 2 women being attacked by 3 ‘pit bull’ dogs and another person attempting to intervene using a handgun. At the scene, deputies found 1 woman lying on her side, bleeding and screaming from bite marks on her arms and head. Another woman was sitting up nearby and was bleeding, suffering bite marks on her arms and legs. Deputies provided initial first aid until Mayer Fire personnel arrived. One of the victims briefly explained that when she came home with another woman, she found 3 pit bull dogs in her yard. As she approached the dogs, they attacked both of them and she screamed for help. 

A neighboring witness told deputies the following: Her kids came home to report hearing a woman screaming so she grabbed a handgun and along with a friend, went to the woman’s aid. She found 3 dogs surrounding 2 women, trying to drag one of them under the house. The neighbor was afraid to fire her weapon at the dogs, so she fired a couple of rounds nearby as the dogs kept attacking. Meanwhile, her friend called the Sheriff’s Office as her husband arrived on scene. He took the handgun from his wife and engaged the dogs by running up to the residence as they continued attacking. He was able to shoot one of the dogs immediately, and eventually another dog. He attempted to shoot the third dog but was not sure if the round made contact. 2 of the dogs ran off and the other was immediately disabled. 

YCSO Animal Control Officers arrived and were able to contain 2 of the dogs with the owner’s assistance and confirm another dog had died. All 3 dogs belonged to an adjoining neighbor on S Black Mountain Road, and apparently jumped a fence before attacking the women. 

Mayer Fire personnel treated the 2 women, ages 57 and 61, for multiple puncture and laceration wounds before they were transported to a Phoenix area hospital. The injuries are not considered life-threatening. Deputies remained on scene to gather evidence and interview witnesses. 

The owner of the dogs, 25-year-old Ian Jones, was cited for 6 counts of Aggressive Animal-Attack and Injure and 3 counts of Dog at Large. The 2 remaining dogs both suffered gunshot wounds and were bleeding badly. As a result, Jones signed an animal surrender form and both dogs were euthanized. Rabies testing is pending on all 3 dogs. 

Citizens can contact the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office with information or questions at 928-771-3260 or the YCSO website: www.ycsoaz.gov

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