Rescue of Heat Stroke Victim Successful

06 August 2019

Heat Stroke Victim in Yarnell 

On August 3, 2019, around 1:30pm, YCSO deputies were dispatched to the Granite Mountain Hotshot Memorial trail near Yarnell regarding a 59-year-old woman suffering from heat stroke. The victim was about 1 mile from the trailhead and fortunately, an off-duty EMT was in the area and able to stay with her until Yarnell Fire personnel arrived. 

The woman suffered extreme heat stroke symptoms including loss of consciousness, disorientation and high body temperature. It was determined she would be airlifted from the scene so a Department of Public Safety (DPS) Ranger crew was called out. When Ranger arrived, a DPS medic rappelled down to the patient, stabilized her and returned to the hovering helicopter for transportation to a Phoenix area hospital. 

Deputies indicated the temperature along the trail was 103 degrees. 

This is a warning to others – be wary of high temperatures and the symptoms indicated in the attached poster. Do not hesitate to seek assistance. This victim was fortunate to have help nearby who provided first aid and a link to medical personnel. Another reason why hiking alone is never preferred. 

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