Teens Enjoy 3D Printer at Prescott Valley Public Library

18 March 2017
Teens watch as the 3D Printer brings an item created on the computer to life at the Prescott Valley Public Library. Photo by: Torrence Dunham
Teens Go Hands On with a 3D Printer During Prescott Valley Public Library's Teen Tech Week

PRESCOTT VALLEY- Teens could hardly hold their excitement as they had the opportunity to spend some time with a 3D printer at the Prescott Valley Public Library.

“We’re only going to continue to grow in the tech world,” Prescott Valley Public Library Teen Librarian Shelbie Marks said. “These skills are going to translate extremely well into any career in the future.”

After building a 3D image on the computer, teens of varying age came up and veered inside the machine to see the progress of the item they had created. In the past, teens have printed characters from the popular Pokémon series, but it was decided a symbol from the videogame Legend of Zelda would be brought to life.

All fun aside, it was an opportunity for teens to get hands on with an innovate tool of the future.

“My interest in 3D printing spawns from the fact that I kind of want to be an electronic engineer,” K-12 eighth grade student Nathan Droge said. “3D Printers could be a very easy way to make very complicated PCBs (Printed Circuit Board). That could easily make life as an electronic engineer easier.”

The Prescott Valley Public Library continues to provide teens the tools they need for future innovation as a kid’s coding club is held every Friday, which teaches the digital language of computers.

Marks said the hope is to use the 3D printer in more activities during the summer when teens are out of school.

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